Risk Warning: Trading financial products on margin carries a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Losses can exceed the initial investment. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take appropriate care to manage your risk.

Gold and Silver Prices

Trade GOLD and SILVER using the world renowned MT4 platform.

What are Precious Metals?

Precious metals like Gold and Silver are tradable instruments classed as a commodity, therefore making their price relatively uniform across the world.

Traders tend to use precious metals as ‘safe-haven’ assets which become more tradable as economic developments and political unrest cause increased volatility across other markets. Afterall, when adverse market conditions arise from war, recession, government debt issues etc, Gold retains its value whereas stocks and currencies are vulnerable to significant losses.

Gold and Silver are characteristically limited in supply, which means that they tend to be of higher value. Where Gold is used as the main safe-haven asset, Silver is typically used in industrial production. Therefore, it’s more susceptible to price fluctuations from changes in business conditions.

Why TRADE Precious Metals
with FranceCryptoTrade?

Our aim is to help our traders succeed by
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  • Spreads from 0.0
  • Access to Gold & Silver crosses.
  • 0.20s Average execution speed.
  • All trading strategies enabled.
  • Leverage up to 1:500.


Instrument Minimum Spread Typical Spread Long Position Short Position
XAGUSD 0 0.021 -0.68 -0.46
XAUUSD 0 0.09 -2.63 -1.87
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Trade Precious Metals

Buying and selling precious metals doesn’t require you to buy or sell the physical product. You’re simply speculating on the changes in price, just like you would with other financial derivatives.

Price drivers for precious metals, however, are inversely different to other types of financial instrument. Where stocks and shares may see a decrease in value following political unrest or war, precious metals see an influx of investment, driving their prices higher.

Factors that usually affect precious metal prices are supply and demand, national and global economic trends, inflation, USD strength, interest rates, government policy, technology and more.
How-to Trade Precious Metals

Learn to Trade Precious Metals

Precious Metals
Trading Hours

24-hour access to trade Gold and Silver, 5 days a week.
*The above image is for illustrative purposes only. Gold trading hours are: Mon-Fri 01:02-23:57. Silver trading hours are: Mon-Thu 01:00-24:00 and Fri 01:00-23:57.

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